Students are expected to take responsibility for their own behaviour at all times in school. Students will also be encouraged to take responsibility for their social and learning environment making it both safe and enjoyable by reporting all undesirable behaviour.


The school uses a behaviour management system Classcharts to record and report on all pupil behaviour in school, both positive and negative

Classcharts gives pupils a positive and negative behaviour points total, teaching, and non-teaching staff use Classcharts to record positive and negative behaviour throughout the day. Parents and pupils are encouraged to access their Classcharts profile and monitor behaviour entries and points. All staff in school have access to the Classcharts system to record behaviour incidents, which are reviewed daily.

A Code of Conduct, agreed by staff and students, which covers general expectations of behaviour in class and around school is outlined below:

Classroom Rules At all times I will:

L         – Listen to and respect others,

especially your teacher


E          – Enjoy learning!  Don’t disrupt &

Keep mobile phone out of sight


A         – Arrive on time, in the correct

uniform and ready to learn with

outdoor wear removed


R         – Respect others, the environment

and equipment


N         – Now produce work to the

best of your ability



Show respect and consideration for other people and their belongings and the environment of the school


Be sensible and polite and, when walking around the school, keep to the left


Arrive in registration and all lessons on time


Conform to the school uniform rules


Treat all school property with care


Not drop litter


Eat and drink in designated areas only


Give of my very best


 School Rewards

The school ethos of health, happiness and success is central to the promotion of desirable behaviour. Rewards are an integral means of achieving this. They have a motivational role in helping students to realise that desirable behaviour, self-awareness and responsibility to self and others is valued, and are clearly defined in the procedures. Integral to the system of rewards is an emphasis on praise both informal and formal to individuals and groups. Alongside this is informing parents regularly on their child’s desired behaviour. Achievement and Behaviour points will also be reported to parents’ in both Interim and full reports.

Pupils can be rewarded in a number of ways at Hawthorn High School and class teachers are encouraged to use the Classroom Rewards within their classrooms. (APPENDIX B)

In addition to:

  • Positive written comments in exercise or work books.
  • Letter or phone call home.
  • Referral to Head of Department /Progress Leader.
  • Mention on Website/Twitter
  • Pupil of the week within the year group.
  • Departmental praise postcards (sent home weekly)
  • Nomination for weekly Headteacher award.
  • Commendation at end of term reward assembly
  • Nomination for annual success evening

Purchasing Rewards

Pupils can use their behaviour points total as currency to purchase rewards from the Classcharts reward shop, this can be done via the Classcharts parent or pupil app or via the pupils form tutor during morning registration.

(Available rewards include, canteen queue jump pass, sporting equipment, electronic devices, Art equipment ect)

School Sanctions

Sanctions are used as a response to undesirable behaviour or a breach of the school’s code of conduct. However, prior to any sanction being issued pupils should be made aware of the reasoning behind the sanction being issued and the consequences of their actions.

A range of sanctions is clearly defined, and their use will be characterised by clarifying why the sanction is being applied and what changes in behaviour are required to avoid future sanctions. Before a punishment is used, the class teacher, Head of department/Faculty, Progress Leader or Senior Manager should speak to the pupil to address the behaviour first in order for the pupil to take responsibility for their own actions. Pastoral meetings will be held at the end of each day, Classcharts teacher entries will be reviewed, and interventions and sanctions implemented where required.