We understand that this is a difficult time, and that learning remotely can be challenging. However, it is important that you engage in your remote learning so that you continue to learn and progress.

We are constantly looking for ways that we can improve your remote learning experience and, as a result of feedback from you and your parents, we are now using video conferencing as part of your remote learning. This is really exciting and we can’t wait to see and speak to you.

What do we expect from you?

For more information on what to expect from your remote learning, how teachers might give you feedback and the importance of establishing a remote learning routine, please follow this link: What types of remote learning can I expect?

In order to continue to maximise your learning from home, please do the following:

  • Every morning, at 8.30am, you will need to log onto your year group Google Classroom and follow a link to a Google Form register.
  • You then need to follow your normal school timetable. At the beginning of each of the three lesson sessions, you will again be asked to register (following a link from your classroom teacher). It is important that you do this every day so that we, as a school, know that you are engaging in your online learning.A video explaining how to do this in more detail can be found following this link: How do I access the registers for my lessons?
  • At the end of every lesson (or when the work has been completed) your work should be uploaded back to their Google Classroom for their teacher to provide feedback to them.

What if I can’t access my lessons within the timetabled sessions?

There is flexibility in the times that you complete your remote learning as it might not be possible, depending on your family circumstances, to be able to follow the school timetable exactly. If this is the case, please still try to register at the above times so that we know you will be doing your work, but outside of normal lesson times. If this is the case, you should still try to create a healthy remote learning routine. To help you with this, you can access a checklist here for the types of routines you should build into your daily remote learning: What remote learning routines can I engage with?

If you are looking for websites to help with your remote learning, try some of these:


GCSE POD– There are some free resources here without having to pay for the subscription






If you need any further help with your remote learning, please inform you Form Tutor or Progress Lead.