School Website and Pupil Engagement

I am very pleased to share that our school website is fully functioning and live; an additional avenue for our communications.  All of our home/school correspondence will be available on this platform, as well as our Twitter page and email.

Thank you for the parental responses to our Digital Survey.  Families who require a device for distance learning will be contacted by our pastoral team throughout this week.

Pupil engagement with school and learning remains our priority.  Please could I ask that your child is encouraged to submit work on their google classroom platform.  Lessons are following the normal timetable of three sessions per day, and during this time our teachers are available in the session to provide feedback, answer questions and model responses.  We have adopted a synchronous approach to ensure pupils are supported throughout each session.  If your child is accessing work outside of the session time and requires help, please email the class teacher and/or their progress lead and they will ensure appropriate support is put in place.

A reminder that if you wish to contact the school our telephone number is 01443 841228, our switchboard is available between 8am and 4pm daily (Mon-Fri).

I want to reiterate that we are here to support our families throughout the lockdown period, please get in touch if you need us.

We will continue to work in partnership during these challenging times and remain committed to ensuring the very best for our pupils.

C Crockett


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