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School Transition Year

School Transition Year

If you missed the Open Evening, would like to make an appointment to visit our school or if you have further enquiries then please contact:-

Mrs Claire Crockett, Deputy Headteacher

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Choosing the best school for your child is a vitally important decision.  Parents need to be sure that, in addition to a sound education, pupils will be cared for in a happy and safe environment.  We believe that the School’s motto of “Health, Happiness and Success” encapsulates what every parent wants for their children and we strive to achieve these goals in all that we do.

Here at Hawthorn High School, we believe we can offer the opportunities and security young people need to achieve their best.  Everything that we do is driven by our commitment to provide your children with the highest standards of teaching and learning.  In return we have very high expectations of student behaviour and their commitment to the learning process.

As a school we are delighted by the success at both GCSE and A Level and the results are a credit to all the hard work of staff and students alike.  These are the best GCSE results ever at Hawthorn High School in a whole range of subjects including English and Maths and we are immensely proud of the young people who have achieved them. To see our results improve for the third consecutive year by 12% is a huge achievement and we are close to a 100% improvement in performance at GCSE by comparison with results four years ago.  This has been a real team effort between staff, parents, pupils and governors and I would like to thank them all for their hard work and support.  The school continues to move from strength to strength in its efforts to provide health, happiness and success for all the young people in its care.

Home-School Links

At Hawthorn High School we value the contribution parents make to their child’s education and contact with home includes Student/Parent Consultation Evenings and Mentoring Sessions. Parents are encouraged to telephone the school, email or visit if they have any concerns about their child’s progress.  Regular newsletters keep parents informed about what is happening in school and the latest copy of this is also posted on our website. Students are placed in tutor groups and their form tutor has oversight of each students overall well-being. Raising Standards Leaders, Heads of Department and Skills Coordinators plan the achievement and progress of all learners and will be kept up to date with the individual progress of all pupils.

We are confident that your child will succeed with us and hope you decide that Hawthorn High School is the best school for your child. If you would like any further information or would like to come into our school to find out more about why we are such a successful and happy school please do contact reception to make an appointment.


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