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School Catering


Nicola Granelli and her team at Hawthorn High School have just been awarded the Welsh Secondary School Catering Team of the Year. The award aims to give recognition to a secondary school based catering team which has made an outstanding contribution to raising the profile of education catering within the school and its community.  There were 3 shortlisted nominations from Wales. The event took place at the Vale Hotel on the 7th February 2013 and the winning school was announced at the ceremony.

The Catering Team have gone from strength to strength under the leadership skills of Nicola since 2008 where she successfully undertook the role of Cook/Manager.  Nicola has taken on board the changes Mr Hicks the Headteacher of Hawthorn High requested since coming into post in September 2010. The team quickly adapted to a whole school approach implementing the changes that were needed to be undertaken to continue the quest of attracting as many customers as possible not only for the benefits of pupils but her staff also in assured employment.

Her team spirit is inspiring, motivating her staff in all the tasks that are requested of them and who are all committed to their work while persevering to make new ideas and tasks work.  Staff are of mixed ages who bring different experiences with the warmth of a family unit, who not only work together arrange leisure time and staff savings clubs together and still have the patience of making new staff and visitors welcome. Their motto for the kitchen is always politeness, friendliness and kindness, which has displayed on the wall of the kitchen.          

You can download our current Catering Direct Menu in English or Welsh.

The school dining room area underwent a complete refurbishment of catering facilities as one of the changes in January 2011.  A new coffee shop area was made that begins service at 8 a.m. to all pupils who would like an early breakfast which gives pupils a really good start to the day ahead. The café is open to 6th form students all day selling hot drinks, baguettes, sandwiches, wraps and cakes to accommodate their busy schedules.  It is also used to provide a morning break and lunchtime service to all.

The school changed to a Biometric System in March 2012 with many advantages to the school, pupils and Catering Department.  Increased service points were installed to improve the flow of children, giving them more time to enjoy their new healthy meals.  The system has the advantage of delivering meal choice information, menus and nutritional data to parents while making them safer places for staff and pupils. Free School Meal entitlement has increased by 17% since installation.  It allows the privacy of the pupil to be considered enabling them to have the nutritionally balanced meals on offer, while being a valuable social benefit to the school.

Each promotion Nicola and her team introduce to her customers they work relentlessly in promoting the product as they understand that for their success they must also be productive and profitable and ensure achievements for all stakeholders in the task of ensuring the health and well being of their customers- the pupils of Hawthorn High School.

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