Moondance Bowel Cancer Project

Unfortunately, it is a fact that many people around the world are dying from different diseases. Fortunately, in the UK we do not suffer from most of these in such large numbers but there are other diseases which we need to be very aware of. One of those diseases and probably the most important for us in the UK and Wales is cancer. You will be aware of this word, but we do not often talk about it enough to make sure we can help ourselves, our families, and friends around us.

This is one of the reasons as a school we have worked with a number of partners from other schools and the NHS to create and deliver this important topic on our curriculum.

The programme offers opportunities for our school, pupils and our community to work together to learn more about cancer and how we can all make decisions that will reduce the number of people who will need to be treated and therefore who may die from cancer.

Bowel and lung cancer are major health issues for us in Wales. In fact, in RCT we have the 6th highest rate of bowel cancer in Wales. We have the treatment and medicines that can cure over 90% of cases if the treatment is carried out early enough, so you will understand why it is so important we learn about the signs and symptoms of this cancer and how to look after ourselves better.

The programme will be delivered to all pupils in Year 7 in the Autumn term. Pupils and parents will be asked to complete a survey before the delivery of the programme and shortly after the programme delivery ends.

The Learning Programme

The learning programme is designed to make a very meaningful contribution to any school curriculum and to learner experiences in pursuit of the four purposes of the new curriculum for Wales.

 The table shows a breakdown of the lesson content and skills which will be delivered.

 The learning programme is also further enhanced by a series of independent learning tasks for pupils to complete at home. These tasks give parents/ carers the opportunity to engage with the learning alongside the pupils and help to communicate the key public health messages beyond the classroom.

For further information on the Moondance programme please select the resources below.