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Oxford University Pathways

Year Eleven Oxford University Pathways Investigating Options Day

by Bethan Lisles

We were all eagerly anticipating the trip up to Oxford on November the twelfth.  We arrived and apprehensively entered the door of Oxford’s Oriel  College. We sat down and each received our timetable for the day and our Investigating Options Journal. Within its pages were some fantastic pieces of information about the university and college life.

We were given an introduction to the university by Oxford’s pathways coordinator, including being given an idea of the minimum requirements for application and the tutorial system used in the colleges.  Each of the colleges forms a miniature campus with tutorial rooms, lecture theatres, dining halls and accommodation all in one building. The tutorial system is unique to the colleges of universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. Each student will have a tutor for his/her subject and will work in small, intensive groups, where reading around the subject is encouraged to enhance learning.

We learnt also that there are many bursaries, scholarships and subsidies available for students who many struggle with the fees that are generally believed to be fantastically expensive.

We had four taster sessions in Oriel’s lecture theatre covering subjects such as Classics, Material Science, Linguistics and Bio-medical Science. I in particular found the Classics session interesting as it focused on one of my favourite subjects which is drama. The focus of the session was Ancient Greek Drama which I found particularly interesting as it showed the similarities between drama today and so many thousands of years ago.

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