Parents Evening – Guide for booking appointments

Browse to





Step 1: Login

Fill out the details on the page then click the Log In button.

A confirmation of your appointments will be sent to the email address you provide.





Step 2: Select Parents’ Evening

Click on the date you wish to book.

Unable to make all of the dates listed? Click I’m unable to attend.





Step 3: Select Booking Mode

Choose Automatic if you’d like the system to suggest the shortest possible appointment schedule based on the times you’re available to attend. To pick the times to book with each teacher, choose Manual. Then press Next.

We recommend choosing the automatic booking mode when browsing on a mobile device.






Step 4: Choose Teachers

If you chose the automatic booking mode, drag the sliders at the top of the screen to indicate the earliest and latest you can attend.

Select the teachers you’d like to book appointments with. A green tick indicates they’re selected. To de-select, click on their name.





Step 5a (Automatic): Book Appointments

If you chose the automatic booking mode, you’ll see provisional appointments which are held for 2 minutes. To keep them, choose Accept at the bottom left.

If it wasn’t possible to book every selected teacher during the times you are able to attend, you can either adjust the teachers you wish to meet with and try again, or switch to manual booking mode (Step 5b).





Step 5b (Manual): Book Appointments

Click any of the green cells to make an appointment. Blue cells signify where you already have an appointment. Grey cells are unavailable.

To change an appointment, delete the original by hovering over the blue box and clicking Delete. Then choose an alternate time.

You can optionally leave a message for the teacher to say what you’d like to discuss, or raise anything beforehand.

Once you’re finished booking all appointments, at the top of the page in the alert box, press click here to finish the booking process.

Step 6: Finished

All your bookings now appear on the My Bookings page. An email confirmation has been sent and you can also print appointments by pressing Print. Click Subscribe to Calendar to add these and any future bookings to your calendar.

To change your appointments, click on Amend Bookings.

Summer 2020 Exam Timetables

Click on the below link for the GCSE timetable

Exam Timetable GCSE Summer 2020

Click on the below link for the A Level timetable

Exam Timetable GCE Summer 2020

There are lots of opportunities for Year 11 to revise with our staff in designated sessions.

Weekly After School Revision Sessions

Year 11 have been given revision packs to support independent learning. 

PiXL – Handling the pressure of external exams

PiXL – Encouraging Independence

Please could you encourage your child to attend the sessions relevant to them from the revision timetable to maximise their learning time!

Early English GCSE Results 2019

Hawthorn High School Year 10 and 11 pupils celebrated their fantastic Literature Unit 1 exam results today.  Well done to everyone who passed!

Congratulations to Elle Sandell, Rachel Harry and Grazia Obuzor for achieving their A* grades.

HHS BBC School Report

The Pupils from Hawthorn are reporting on the latest news across our school, community and the world.

Here you can find articles published by pupils in years 7-13.

We have been running School Report at Hawthorn since 2016 and would like to highlight some of the wonderful work we have going on.


GCSE Results 2018

Following on from last week’s A Level results, Hawthorn High School pupils are celebrating their achievements at GCSE today. Of particular note amongst a range of the highest achieving results were those of Heidi Nicholas who achieved 14 A*/A Grades, William Hughes achieved 11 A*/A Grades, Dylan Morgan was awarded 9 A*/A Grades, Josephine Lee, Harley Griffiths and Zahra Ali all achieved 7 A*/A Grades.  Angela Ong and Kaitlyn Bury achieved 6 A*/A Grades and AliceThomas was awarded 5 A*/A Grades along with Kealan Gray and Zoe Barnett. The school looks forward to welcoming back so many students to Sixth Form in September.


Performance at the highest grades was especially pleasing and, despite the very significant changes to the examination system in recent years, no pupil left without a qualification, 93% achieved at least 5A* – G grades and 61% at least 5 GCSE grades A*- C. The percentage of pupils achieving a C grade or better increased by 7% in both English and Mathematics and a similar improvement in the number of pupils who achieved at least 5 C grades or better including English and Maths should see the school ranked in the top 25% of similar schools across Wales this year.


Headteacher Mr Jason Hicks said “This is the second best set of results the school has ever achieved and we are immensely proud of the young people who have achieved them. To see our pupils achieve in this fashion under such intense pressure is delightful and their parents should be very proud of them.  This has been a real team effort between staff, parents, pupils and governors and I would like to thank them all for their hard work and support.  The school continues to move from strength to strength in its efforts to provide health, happiness and success for all the young people in its care.  We look forward to welcoming the majority of Year 11 back to our new Sixth Form partnership where facilities will be the best they have ever been in September.”