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Science Double Award GCSE

Course Title :WJEC Double award Science
Examination Board / Web address :WJEC WBQ
Qualification :GCSE
Grade Range :A*- D (Higher Tier) C- G (Foundation Tier)

Aims of the course

The WJEC Science Double Award specification provides the foundations for understanding the material world. Scientific understanding is changing our lives and is vital to the world’s future prosperity. All learners will be taught the essential aspects and uses of science through studying this course.

What will I study? – Course Outline

There are six units for the students to study. Each being either a Biology, Chemistry or Physics base. The names of the units and the examination details are set out in the following table:

Unit Written examination % Coursework %
1. Biology 1 15
2. Chemistry 1 15
3. Physics 1 15
4. Biology 2 15 Unit7. Practical


5. Chemistry 2 15
6. Physics 2 15

How will I be assessed?

There will be three one hour examinations in Year 10. These will each cover the work studied in Biology 1, Chemistry 1 and the Physics 1 units. In year 11 there will be a further three examinations, all one hour in length which will cover Biology 2, Chemistry 2 and Physics 2


Unit 7 is a practical unit and accounts for 10% of the qualification. It will be carried out in school and is externally marked by the WJEC. This work is completed in the spring term of Year 11.

How will I learn? What skills will I acquire?

You will develop knowledge and application of scientific processes as well as communication skills through use of ICT both in research and presentation. You will also be able to perform scientific calculations based on data created by practical means and using those calculations in scientific process to form conclusions. All vital skills to employers in this sector.

Progression following this course. What’s next?

The skills and knowledge you accrue during this WJEC Double award course will allow you to access A-LEVELS in all three of the subject areas or BTEC level 3 Courses. If you so choose to seek employment GCSE Science Double award is a well respected qualification that is recognised by employers.

Future career opportunities

The courses mentioned above for post-16 study can lead to related employment as electricians, mechanics, beauty technicians, nursery nurses, animal care workers, food technologists, health care workers, plumbers or builders to name just a few.

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