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Additional Needs

The additional needs department at Hawthorn High School has a number of key aims:

1. To ensure high quality teaching and learning for pupils with special educational needs (SEN) and additional needs (ALN)

2. To support the social and emotional development of pupils with SEN and ALN

These aims are achieved by:

A. Providing high quality teaching and learning experiences within the department

B. Providing a support service to colleagues to ensure they have the skills and resources necessary to provide high quality teaching and learning to pupils with SEN and ALN

C. To co-ordinate SEN and ALN provision across Hawthorn High School

D. To liaise with external agencies to ensure that the correct provision is provided to pupils with SEN and ALN

The teaching of pupils with SEN and ALN at Hawthorn High School is based on the needs of the individual. Some are taught in small classes which are more appropriate for their learning needs and social development. Many of our pupils with SEN and ALN are fully integrated into mainstream classes and flourish in that environment.

The department consists of a learning support base for small class teaching which includes a number of designated SEN/ALN computers with internet access and a range of software packages. In addition there is a separate room for one to one work and small group support work. The department is staffed by a specialist teacher of SEN/ALN and a team of very experienced Learning Support Assistants.

The school is also home to a specialist speech and language centre. This centre is run by the local authority and provides expert support to pupils from across Rhondda Cynon Taff. Even though the centre is a separate entity, pupils are fully included into the school. There is also a great deal of sharing of best practice between the centre and the other departments of the school. Entry to the centre is by local authority placement and is not controlled by Hawthorn High School.

Ceri Moon (SENCO and Head of Speech and Language Centre)

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