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Course Title :Media GCSE
Examination Board / Web address :WJEC
Qualification :GCSE
Grade Range :A* –  G

Aims of the course

The course will help you to understand the way in which you use the media and explore the ways in which you make sense of their messages. You will never be able to look at a film or television programme or magazine in the same way again

What will I study? – Course Outline

In GCSE Media Studies   we study a variety of different media.

This includes film, television, animated film, radio, magazines, music videos, websites and computer games.

How will I learn? What skills will I acquire?

As well as developing media skills you will also learn to

  • conduct research
  • lead a team
  • work independently
  • think critically
  • relate texts to their social context

Progression following this course. What’s next?

Pupils who have followed this course will have the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills needed to progress either to the more demanding AS/A Level in Media Studies or other equivalent level qualifications, including BTEC level 3

Future career opportunities

If you like challenging how you see the world and can express your ideas and like asking difficult questions

If you want to find out how to analyse:

Films – TV – newspapers – magazines – websites – advertising – music industry then Media Studies is for you. It can lead to a variety of career paths including working in the media.

How will I be assessed?

Unit 1: Exploring the Media

Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes

30% of qualification

60 Marks

Section A: Music

This section will assess knowledge and understanding of media language,

representation, media industries and audiences.

One stepped question and one two-part question.

Section B: Representations – advertising, video games and newspapers

One question from a choice of two. Each question will be set on a different media form

(advertising, video games or newspapers)

One stepped question based on unseen print-based resource material related to

advertising, video games or newspapers.

Unit 2: Understanding Television and Film

Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes

30% of qualification

60 marks

Section A: Wales on Television

One stepped question on media industries and audiences.

One stepped question on media language and representation.

Section B: Contemporary Hollywood Film

One stepped question on media industries and audiences.

One extended response question on media language.

Unit 3: Creating Media

Non-exam assessment

40% of qualification

80 marks

A media production, including individual research and planning, created in response to a choice of briefs set by WJEC, and applying knowledge and understanding of key concepts. An individual reflective analysis of the production.

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