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Course Title :GCSE History
Examination Board / Web address :WJEC
Qualification :GCSE
Grade Range :A* –  U

Aims of the course

GCSE History aims to provide you with the skills necessary to do well in your life after school and provide topics that you will find exciting and interesting.

It will be a challenging subject but it will be worth it! Together with some hard work and plenty of help and support from your teachers you will achieve a good result in a subject respected by employers.

What will I study? – Course Outline

Your course is split up into four sections. Germany 1929-47 and Russia 1905-1924 are studied in detail.

The Germany 1929-47 section covers the rise of Hitler, his treatment of the German people including the Jews, World War II and the Holocaust.

The Russia 1905-24 topic looks at the Russian Revolution and individuals such as Lenin and Trotsky.

The United States 1929-2000 is our outline study and covers numerous world famous events and people such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and the bus boycott, the Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam.

The Controlled Assessment section of the course investigates the Second World War.

How will I learn? What skills will I acquire?

All topics are taught using a variety of methods including the use of ICT, debates, role-play and study visits. Previous visits have included Berlin and the battlefields of WWI. History teaches you a variety of skills which will help you greatly in future life. It will help you develop your literacy skills and to argue a case. You will understand how people think and feel. This subject will also improve your skills in investigation, study and research. You will be able to work as an individual and make independent decisions and write reports which are concise, relevant and supported by evidence.

How will I be assessed?

The GCSE History course is examined in the following way:

Paper 1: Germany 1929-47    (25% of final mark)

Russia 1905-24          (25% of final mark)

Paper 2: USA 1929-2000         (25% of final mark)

Controlled Assessment          (25% of final mark)

Progression following this course. What’s next?

The skills that are taught within the subject are very useful within work, study and life.

The skills you learn in your GCSE History course would benefit all your other subjects. However, History goes particularly well with Welsh, French, Geography, R.E., Science, Maths and Art.

The History Department offers A Levels in History and Government and Politics, subjects that are very beneficial for any pupils planning to apply for further study after school. A qualification in History is seen as a good indication of a person’s ability by many colleges and universities. As a result it could be a valuable addition to your options.

Future career opportunities

You don’t have to be a History teacher! The good thing about History is that it doesn’t tie you down to a specific job or career. A History GCSE could help you in the media, the civil service and local government, law, retail management, banking, the police and education. A GCSE in History on your CV is recognised for many jobs and doesn’t restrict your job opportunities.

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