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Questions? 01443 841228

Applied Business GCSE

Examination Board / Web address :WJEC
Qualification :GCSE
Grade Range :A* to G

Aims of the course

This vocational GCSE aims to Increase your understanding of the world of work; enable you to gain the skills needed to start working life in the 21st century; introduce you to an industry or business sector, such as engineering or leisure and tourism; and also help you to develop some of the specific skills for use in a chosen profession.

What will I study? – Course Outline

You will study the relationship between business activity and the changing environment within which it takes place; the structure, organisation and control of the main forms of business; how people manage a business in a competitive environment; how and why you need to set objectives to have success in a business

You will also study the different roles of people within an organisation and why businesses need to keep track of their finances and the steps involved in creating a product.

How will I be assessed?

The course is comprised of 2 units

Unit 1 – The Business and its Environment

This is a controlled test unit worth 60% of the final mark, carried out in lessons and marked by your teacher.

Unit 2 – Business Finance and Decision Making is an externally marked exam unit worth 40 % of the overall mark, requiring you to apply the theory knowledge gained through the practical unit.

How will I learn? What skills will I acquire?

Visits to industries or businesses to introduce some practical experience of the skills, techniques, processes and equipment used.

  • finding out about what people do at work, and the qualifications and training they have;
  • group project work to help develop self-confidence;
  • solving examples of real situations in businesses, using materials produced by companies;
  • using the internet to find out about an industry or a particular organisation;
  • role play and workplace simulations, with advice from workers in the sector;
  • presenting findings/proposals in a realistic work-focused way;
  • running an enterprise activity, with expert help from industry

Progression following this course. What’s next?

GCSE in Applied Business prepares you for studying Business at a higher level, such as AS or A levels.

Future career opportunities

Due to the nature of the course you will be well prepared to start work in a range of employment areas and would be well equipped to take an Apprenticeship leading to a skilled career or management training.

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