Blended Learning

I understand that this is a difficult time, and that we all want to minimise the impact this period has on your child’s learning.  In light of this, I would like to take the opportunity to thank both you and our pupils for the tremendous effort there has been this week engaging in the online learning we have provided as a school.

In order to continue to maximise this learning from home, please continue to encourage your son/daughter to do the following:

  • Every morning at 8.30am, they need to log onto their year group Google Classroom and follow a link to a Google Form register.
  • They then need to follow their normal school timetable. At the beginning of each of the three lesson sessions, they will again be asked to register (following a link from their classroom teacher). It is important that they do this every day so that we, as a school, know that they are engaging in their online learning. A video explaining how to do this in more detail can be found following this link
  • At the end of every lesson (or when the work has been completed) their work should be uploaded back to their Google Classroom for their teacher to provide feedback to them.
  • All other learning will be on-line via Hwb Google Classrooms

I do understand that individual family circumstances vary, which might mean it is difficult for siblings to all adhere to the same school timetable. If this is the case, and your son/daughter is completing their work outside of their normal timetable, they still need to register at 8.30am and complete their Session 1 register. On this register, they will find an option to tick: I am completing the work after the timetabled session. This will then notify us in school that they are engaging, but at a different time.

If your son/daughter is not engaging in their home learning, or has not registered for their lessons, a member of our Engagement Team will be in contact to offer any support that might be needed. Our Engagement Team are also on hand at the school if you have any questions about the Blended Learning your son/daughter is receiving. Please do not hesitate to call if this is the case.

Once again, thank you for your ongoing support with your child’s online learning.

Kind Regards

Mrs R. Stephens

Assistant Head

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