Senior Management Team

Executive Headteacher Claire Crockett
Head of School Kath Gwyn
Deputy Headteacher (Acting) Maria Purnell
Assistant Headteacher Clare O’Carroll
Assistant Headteacher Marvin Thomas
Assistant Headteacher Rachel Stephens
Assistant Headteacher James Cobb
Business Manager Maria Bolderson

School Progress Leads

Progress Lead Year 7 Clare O’Carroll
Progress Lead Year 8 + 9 Bethan Matthews
Progress Lead Year 10 + 11 Dustyn Jones
Head of 6th form Gareth Hopkins



Dept Name
Head of English Sarah Godfrey
English KS4 Lead Nery Cook
English Carys Frost
English James Cobb
English Charlotte George
English Emma Jane Jones
English Rachel Stephens
English Shona Phillips
Literacy Intervention Tracy Durham
TIC Welsh Sionedd Rees
TIC MFL Helen Morgan

Mathematics and Numeracy

Dept Name
Head of Maths Alex Morgan
Maths Gareth Hopkins
Maths Courtney Lewis
Maths Claire Maksimovic
Maths Hayden Papworth
Maths Lee Gratton
Numeracy Interventions Lisa Vukashin


Science and Technology

Dept Name
Head of Science Gavin Gibson
TIC Biology Sarah Renault
Science Rosie Evans
Science Lara Phillips
Science Richard James
Science Elizabeth Leach
Science Natalie Shawley
Science Katherine Gibson
Science Technician Ffion Hanny-Harmer
TIC Computer Science Daniel Spear
TIC Technology Ceri Ross
Technology Jessica Lawrence
Technology Natalie Thomas


Dept Name
Head of Humanities Nicky Chapman
Humanities Chloe Holtham
Humanities Lucy Brown
Humanities Melissa Jenkins
Humanities Sarah Jakeman
TIC WBQ/Team Working/PSE Emma Khelifi


P.E /Wellbeing

Dept Name
Head of PE Jon Campbell
Teacher of PE/Wellbeing Courtney Greenway
Teacher of PE/Wellbeing Dustyn Jones
Teacher of PE/Wellbeing Trudy Halsey

Expressive Arts

Dept Name
TIC Music Lisa Fitzgerald-Lombard
TIC Drama/Media Clare O’Carroll
TIC Art/Photography James Cox
Expressive Arts Laura Burnett
Expressive Arts Melissa Jenkins


Additional Support

Dept Name
Designated person for CLA + ALNCO Sarah Jakeman
Speech and Language Annalee Hall
Speech and Language Louis Webb

Support Staff

Dept Name
Business Manager/Head’s PA Maria Bolderson
Admin/Private Fund Ceri Holt
Admin/Attendance Jo Jones
Admin/Reception Catherine Marin
Data/Finance Officer Alison Sanger
ICT Technician Nick Jones
Technician Nicola Hassell
Science Technician Ffion Hanny-Harmer
Caretaker David Farrell
Alternative Pathways Leader Leanne Morgan-Armstrong
HLTA Catrin Ellis
SNSA Joanna McCabe
SNSA (AP) Tracey Nute
SNSA Tracy Price
SNSA Ollie James
SNSA Rona Woodland
Ready to Learn Officer Janine Lake
SPLD Andrea Carey
SPLD Lyndsey Jones
SPLD Julie Smith
YEPS Christie Williams