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Welcome to Hawthorn High School

Welcome back to a new school year. Hopefully you will have seen in the press the record breaking results that students here at Hawthorn High achieved last summer where the number achieving a C grade or better at GCSE increased to the highest numbers ever in English, Maths, Science and many other subjects. The number of students achieving the gold standard of 5 or more GCSEs at C grade or better (including English and Maths) will now be at least 62% and this represents a 12% improvement on the 2015 figure and a 28% improvement on the figure four years ago. Our results now compare extremely favourably with schools across Wales (placing us in the top 25% of similar schools) and we are all so grateful for your continued support in achieving such impressive results.

There are many exciting site developments at the school including:

  • The reopening of the school swimming pool.
  • The construction during the summer break of a new footpath and picnic areas at the rear of the school.
  • The establishment of a lower school provision housing the majority of Year 7 and 8 lessons in their own part of the school.
  • Work beginning on a brand new four badminton court size sports hall which we hope will open its doors in January.
  • Refurbishment work on the tennis court facilities and the area around the pool and outdoor changing facilities.

It has been delightful to see the pupils looking so smart at the start of this school year and wearing their blazers with pride. We wrote to parents during the academic year 2014-15 to inform you that the new school blazer (designed in discussion with pupils, parents and governors) would be a compulsory part of school uniform for all pupils in Years 7 to 11 from September 2016 but would be phased in for certain year groups last year. Can I take this opportunity to remind you that the school jumper is now an optional item of uniform and that hoodies are classed as non-waterproof hooded tops so not permitted to be worn instead of a coat. Apart from at lunchtime, the blazer is to be worn at all times on the site other than when pupils are seated in classrooms or in PE lessons. On especially hot days a decision will be made that ‘shirt sleeves are in order’ and blazer requirements will be relaxed during the day as appropriate. We are delighted with your support on this important aspect of school life.

If you have not already done so, please download the school app (available from google play and the app store) to stay abreast of all the latest information from the school and follow us on twitter to see all the exciting things going on on a daily basis. Once again, thank you for the support you give to the school and your children and we look forward to another successful year working in partnership with the whole community.

Our Teachers

Some Special Teachers From The Industry!

Mr Stuart Thomas

Subject Teacher

Mrs Alexandra Strong

Subject Leader

Mrs Julie Smith

Speech & Language LSA

Mrs Alison Sanger

Finance Officer

Mrs Louise Rees

Speech & Language

Mr Craig Reddy

Behaviour Support

Mr Oliver Lombard

Subject Teacher

Miss Holly-Marie Lidbury

Teach First Subject Teacher

Mr Nicholas Jones

ICT Technician/Resource Manager

Miss Lyndsey Jones

Speech & Language LSA

Mrs Joanne Jones

Attendance Assistant

Mr Darren Jones

Subject Teacher

Miss Chloe Holtham

Subject Teacher

Mrs Cari Holt

Finance/Private Fund

Mrs Jayne Hobby


Miss Chelsey Hayes

Subject Teacher

Mrs Jolene Harding

Science Lab Technician

Mrs Denise Harding

Mathematics Tutor

Mr David Gillies

Subject Leader

Ms Hannah Gazal

Classroom Support

Mr Paul Ferguson

School Site Manager

Mr Brandon Evans

Hawthorn Pool Manager

Mrs Janet Eveleigh

Numeracy Co-ordinator

Miss Kayleigh Evans

Subject Teacher

Mrs Kylee Driscoll

SIMS/Data Manager

Mrs Tina Davies

DT Technician

Mrs Claire Crockett

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Catherine Cooper

Head's Office Administrator

Mr James Cobb

Subject Leader

Ms Andrea Carey

Speech & Language LSA

Mrs Candice Davies

6th Form Admin/WBQ/Website

Mrs Maria Bolderson

Exams Officer/HR

Miss E Chinnock

Cover Supervisor

Mr Dafydd Tomos

Subject Teacher

Mr Ceri Stephens

Subject Leader

Mrs Ceri Ross

Subject Teacher

Mr David Woods

Subject Teacher

Miss Amanda Keech

Subject Teacher

Miss Eileen O’Brien

Subject Leader

Mrs Lesley Evans

Subject Leader

Mr Richard James

Subject Teacher

Miss Charlotte Jones

Subject Teacher/Yr8 Progress Leader

Mr Jon Campbell

Subject Teacher/Yr7 Progress Leader/Rugby Hub Officer

Mrs Trudy Halsey

Subject Leader

Mr Dustyn Jones

Subject Teacher/Yr11 Progress Leader

Mrs Joanna Warner

Subject Teacher/Director of Post 16

Miss Hettie Burn

Subject Teacher

Mrs Claire Maksimovic

Subject Teacher

Mr Liam Donovan

Subject Leader

Mr Gareth Hopkins

Subject Teacher

Mr Gavin Jones

Subject Teacher/Yr9 Progress Leader

Mrs Maria Purnell

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Sarah Mead

Subject Teacher

Mrs Sarah Jakeman

Subject Teacher/Lower School Progress Leader

Miss Nicola Chapman

Subject Leader

Mrs Helena Worth

Subject Leader

Mrs Suzanne Davies

Senior Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Helen Morgan

Subject Leader

Miss Sarah Godfrey

Subject Teacher/PSE/Pupil Voice Co-ordinator

Mrs Emma-Jane Jones

Subject Teacher/WBQ Communication

Mrs Rachel Bryant

Assistant Headteacher

Miss Kelley Phillipart

Subject Teacher/Yr10 Progress Leader

Mrs Clare O’Carroll

Subject Leader

Mr James Cox

Subject Leader

Mr John Morris

Subject Teacher/Head of WBQ

Mr Luke Probert

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Alison Lambert

Assistant Headteacher

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